Construction Equipment

Light tower units are used for illuminating event and work sites to maximize nighttime productivity and consist of a tower with a durable base and mast, with a set of lights at the top of the mast that can be rotated and positioned as necessary. Light towers are used for many different applications, including construction, mining, and sporting events. For industrial use only.

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M. H. Al Mahroos BSC. With its inception in 2006, Dareen Industries has been able to establish a niche market for various products. Dareen has a superior experience in providing quality services and premium products that cater to both Industrial & Construction demands. to our office.

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Yanmar lighting towers and generators offer you optimum working conditions so that you are sure to work in a safe environment wherever and whenever you need it. Either balloon type or spot type lights, our products offer various solutions which have in common their high efficiency, their low energy consumption and their high transportability.

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