As we move towards the digital era, Daikin – a Japanese air conditioning manufacturer, has been using relevant data and digital technologies in order to transform its business.

This led the company to be recognized as a Digital Transformation (DX) Brand 2020 by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry & Tokyo Stock Exchange.

The DX brand gets familiar with companies that use data and digital technologies to transform products, services, and business models which in turn essentially improves processes, operations and the organization as a whole while simultaneously creating a competitive edge.

A total of 35 DX issue 2020 companies were selected, along with 21 DX notable companies, from across all industries.

Daikin has taken companywide initiatives as a part of their strategic management plan – “Fusion 20” with the aim to provide air conditioning with high added value to the public through IoT and Artificial Intelligence technology.

The company has formulated a collaborative platform named “CRESNECT” which works with a number of partner companies to gather relevant data from air conditioners as part of the study on improvement of office productivity and maintenance of work health.

Other initiatives have included the creation of an air conditioner subscription business in Africa that lets users pay for daily rentals through a mobile application while also supporting solutions that assist service engineers on receiving advice & direction from experts in remote areas under the Daikin Information Technology University.

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