Tuesday, 15 September 2015 00:00

On May 10th 2015, the dignitaries present at the Al Mahroos Garden witnessed the latest spectacle from the Al Mahroos Company- the Fountain Design Centre. Partnered with Oase GmbH, Al Mahroos has taken a bold initiative to step into the Fountain show design business.

To launch the design centre, a technical oaseseminar was conducted at the Al Mahroos Garden, showcasing the capabilities and prowess of the design centre.

The seminar opened with a vibrant and magnificent display of Fountain, conceptualized and designed by the Al Mahroos Fountain Design team. The 2 minute show was followed by a welcome speech from Mr. Talal Al Mahroos- the Marketing Manager of M. H. Al Mahroos BSC and Mr. Michael Henkel, Director of Sales- OASE GmbH-the keynote speaker for the evening, joined by Mr. Stephan Kehren- the Area Manager, OASE GmbH. Several fountain shows were designed and executed as fillers in the seminar, which not only succeeded in the creating the buzz but also lightened the mood of the entire evening. The successive presentations encompassed the functioning and services offered by the design centre and its role in designing the spectacular shows, which has been executed in the prior turnkey projects. The seminar closed with a Q&A session, attended by Mr. Henkel, followed by dinner.

Oase with their superior craftsmanship and technological prowess, coupled with skilled artisans from Al Mahroos is yet to create wonders in the Fountain technology industry in Bahrain. This venture is a big step for M. H. Al Mahroos and the company has already geared up for the challenges that are put forth to them.

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