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M.H. Al Mahroos, a diversified business group based in the Kingdom of Bahrain, is upbeat on the increasing business potential in several industrial verticals. The company is expanding its business operations across the Middle East region.

Established in 1930, the Bahrain-headquartered M.H. Al Mahroos, has emerged as the undisputed market leader in industrial, construction & cleaningTALAL ALMAHROOS sectors in Bahrain. With a distinct mission and vision, the company strives to develop innovative strategies and practices to sustain the premier position in the market.

“Since Bahrain has been one of the Gulf’s most important commercial crossroads and the Gulf’s pre-eminent trade hub, the kingdom is constantly growing. We see a growth in the hospitality sector, construction industry, and manufacturing units accelerating rapidly. The knock-on effect will cause an increase in demand for cleaning equipment.”

M.H. Al Mahroos has partnered with world renowned manufacturers from Japan, Germany, Italy, USA, UK and others to cater to the needs of the customers in the region. The product range includes cleaning solutions and equipment, laundry equipment, air conditioning, air and water technology, construction equipment, safety products, air blasting technology, aluminium and steel, warehousing solutions, power generators, etc. Buoyed with the increasing demand in these sectors in the region, the company has undertaken an expansion plan.

“Cleaning equipment, construction and industrial products offer phenomenal contributions for the company’s top-line. We experienced gradual improvement during 2013 and that has definitely continued into the first half of 2014. We’re also expanding our operations all over the Middle East and we expect this will continue in future.”

M.H. Al Mahroos sees a demand and growth potential in the region and Bahrain in particular.

“After facing the world economic crisis, all industries are slowly recuperating from the losses. Bahrain has grown successfully over the past 10 years, primarily, due to its liberal economic policies and definitive strategies focused on the Industrial sector. Construction, industry and hospitality sectors will definitely pull up the demand curve as well. We have an open market attracting investors from all over the world to grab the opportunity of having a share in this expanding market.”

“Understanding customer needs and offering appropriate solution, complemented with excellent after-sales support, highest standard of ethics, integrity and flexibility helps us sustain the top position in the region.”

M.H. Al Mahroos has ventured into the e-commerce sector with the opening of the first of its kind online spare parts shop- www.almahroosonline.com. The company provides 24*7 online services. With operations in KSA, Qatar and the UAE, the company has strength of over 320 employees. The company is a role model for upcoming industrial and construction based companies and is totally committed to providing excellence in sales and customer service throughout middle-east.

The 25,000-sq.ft state-of-the-art facility includes modern workshop, technical services, warehouse, display and demo stations, training and seminar centres, etc.

Business customers are important for any company to survive. Sustaining the existing customers is a real challenge in the current cut-throat market competition.

“Hospitality industry, Hospitals, Industrial sectors, Automobile sector & Contractors are our major customers. Actively embracing change in market and constantly exploring new channels, Exhibitions, conducting regular seminars and trainings for business growth across the region help us enhance our customer base.”

Along with the market growth, competition is also increasing in the focus areas of the company.
“Yes, of course we are facing competition in the market. But, by understanding the customer needs and by ensuring quality of services and products, we have managed to conquer and maintain a high market share in the region. Moreover, we have moved one step closer to ensuring customer satisfaction by commissioning our Online Spare-parts shop –AlMahroosonline.com. In addition to the online portal, our Customer care call centre will further facilitate better interaction among the customers and our sales engineers. Unquestionably, our efforts to develop a better relationship with our customers, is what sets Al Mahroos apart from its contemporaries.”

Company’s focused geographical markets include UAE, KSA and Qatar. Elaborating further on the diversification/merger/expansion plans for the region in the near future, he explains: “We have already diversified, but no planning for merger so far. Our primary focus is on expansion in Middle East market while maintaining our share in niche market.”

After the global economic recession, the squeezed economy across the world has started impacting margins in the industry. Hence, pricing has become more vital tool in deciding the success in the market.
“Of course, pricing strategy is one of the key factors that define the success of every organisation in the market and more so, in a trading sector. However, it posed no threat to us, owing to the quality of the services and products we offer at Al Mahroos. When it boils down to quality, we do not take chances or compromises in the delivering the best.”

Shrugging of any change in customers’ priorities or existing customers opting for competitors' products, he said: “We have an outstanding technical division handling maintenance and servicing. We have skilled, energetic and technically sound engineers handling the sales division for both products themselves and their spares. To top it all, we have a visionary executive management. We need not put further efforts to ensure customer loyalty. The company and what it stands for, does it for us.”

The cleaning sector started off as a supportive industry which ensures that all other segments function effectively. With the contribution of pollution and other environment related problems, the cleaning industry is slowly shifting from a supportive industry to a whole independent sector with its own target customers and independent market. When asked to shed light on the same, he said, “Of course it’s a challenging task to ensure hygiene standards are met, both in the industrial sector and residential sector, especially in the gulf, due to its weather conditions. Hygiene starts from one’s home and echoes through to the entire community. We are glad to say that we render solutions to our customers, both in residential and industrial sectors with the Kärcher range of products.”

Hygiene and cleanliness contribute more to the healthy and habitable environment. The environment degrades overtime. However, we are in no position to accelerate this degradation. By keeping the surroundings clean, by organising seminars and training sessions for the employees about waste management, the company gives utmost priority to the healthy environment. “The best way to keep the environment clean is to ensure that all waste ends up in the appropriate place and disposed in the safest possible manner.”

Al Mahroos has taken up an action plan to support Green and eco-friendly Earth. “In Kärcher, we introduced a core range of premium ECO!OGICAL machines which consist of recycled material and they contain no phthalates and no Styrofoam is used to conserve resources. This range of product will ensure that you have done your part for the environment as well.” When asked if any particular product is emphasized, he replied, “At the moment, we are focusing more on the Kärcher ride-on scrubber/drier and sweeper. It’s a mechanized machine which has a superior efficiency compared to the other machines in its class and highly reduces the man power. If you have a company handling the cleaning sector, this class of products is what you should be looking forward to”

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