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Energy & Water Conversation Expo & Forum 2013

M.H. Al Mahroos, participated  in Energy and Water Conservation Expo and Forum 2013, held from 17-19 June at Bahrain International Exhibition Centre, Kingdom of Bahrain. 

As part of its endeavours to expand business, M.H. Al Mahroos, a Bahrain-based leading reliable source of world class technology oriented products & services in the region, participated in Energy and Water Conservation Expo and Forum 2013, held from 17-19 June at Bahrain International Exhibition Centre, Kingdom of Bahrain.

During the event, Al Mahroos displayed several art-of-the-state products including, DAIKIN VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume) Japan. It is an innovative air conditioning system that saves over 45-50% of the energy compared to traditional air-conditioning system. The company also launched Ariston Thermo Italy, a well-known brand in water heating and energy-saving solar domestic comfort. On the other hand, RainBird USA, displayed in the company’s stand, provides solutions to all irrigation needs and saves more than 40% of the water. The company also launched Lowara Italy that manages your pump performance to match a wide range of system conditions, while saving energy.

Al Mahroos also delivered two lectures in Energy and Water Conversation Expo & Forum. Mr. Ragu Damotheran, Water Technology Manager at M. H. Al Mahroos, presented a paper on intelligent use of water in the irrigation industry by applying various advanced technologies introduced by RainBird. Mr. Utpal Joshi from Daikin Air Conditioning Middle East presents Daikin energy-efficient units and VRV systems using R410A environmentally-friendly gas for a greener output. M. H. Al Mahroos has already established itself as a name to trust, having worked on a string of prestigious projects for Daikin across Bahrain. The first of these was the installing of the VRV system at Bahrain International Circuit in Sakhir, Regency Hotel and other projects.

Commenting on the event, Talal Al Mahroos, Marketing Manager, M.H. Al Mahroos said: "This professional exhibition and forum is considered an important platform to increase awareness of green technologies in Bahrain. Saving water and energy is a major tool in saving money for users and governments, as well as protecting environment and achieving sustainable future.”

“M.H. Al Mahroos provides reliable customized solutions through its established pre-sales and after-sales service, which guarantees the maximum comfort for our clients and helps protecting environment and reducing energy consumption,” he concluded.

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