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Since 1883 E.H. Wachs® has manufactured the finest line of portable machine tools designed to cut, face, bevel and counterbore tube, pipe and vessels. O.D.-mounted split frame machines include the SDSF Small Diameter Split Frame, the DynaPrep® MDSF Modular Design Split Frame and LDSF Large Diameter Split Frames.

Other O.D. machines include our famous Guillotine® Pipe Saw (or “Wachs” Pipe Saw) and the ubiquitous Trav-L-Cutter® pipe and vessel milling machine.

Wachs’ proven SDB Small Diameter Beveler, FF Flange Facer and EP 424 End Prep are I.D.-mounted machines with self centering mandrels for beveling, facing and counterboring. As the North American distributor of Orbitalum high purity saws, facers and orbital welding systems for process piping, E.H. Wachs lays claim to the industry’s most complete line of products for most applications, schedules and sizes ranging from .5in to 120in (25.4-3048mm).

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Dyna Prep SDSF

Dyna Prep SDSF

Dyna Prep MDSF

Dyna Prep MDSF

Dyna Prep LDSF

Dyna Prep LDSF


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