M. H. Al Mahroos has launched a new regional online shopping website ‘www.Itemshub.com’. Itemshub primarily operates in the GCC, however has steady plans in place to supply their products, spare-parts & accessories globally in the future, with a current provision to ship locally and internationally to select countries. Their smart and interactive website is designed to save time when searching for and ordering products, spare-parts, and accessories.

One of their goals is to present their diverse portfolio of over 100 brands to both the B2B and B2C market segments. Some of the key industrial sectors they target are: Ministries & municipalities, oil & gas, aluminum, engineering, petrochemicals and plastics, Small & Medium enterprises among others. Some of the key retail sectors they target are: Malls, hospitals, hotels, households to name a few.

The e-commerce solution is equipped with a smart search engine which helps the buyer navigate through products and accessories and OEM parts. They even go the extra mile by providing a request form in case the customer is unable to locate their exact requirement.

Itemshub provides the highest quality and the widest range of industrial, commercial, residential equipment such as: power tools, cleaning equipment, construction equipment power solutions, warehouse solutions, earth moving machines, welding equipment, and many more.

Experience this first hand on https://www.itemshub.com

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