Airman Air Compressors & Generators

Hokuetsu Industries has been an air compressor manufacturer more than 70 years since its foundation in 1938. We have gained track records of “Clean Air" energy innovation as an environmentally-friendly and safe energy source. Based on our

originality and reliability that have been cultivated for many years, our  "AIRMAN" products which are made by combining air, electronic and hydraulic pressure technologies, have contributed to prosperous developments of society and industries as goods which always correspond to the needs of a new era.


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Product Range

Air Compressors

Trailer Type-PDS Series

Trailer type

HP Type- PDSE,F,G,H,K Series

High Pressure Type

Box Type - PDS Series

Box Type

After Cooler Type - PDS-C Series

After Cooled Series

Dry Air Type- PDS-D Series

Dry Air Type


Engine Generators

SDG Series

SDG Series

SDG-F Series

SDG-F Series

SDG-AS Series

SDG-AS Series

SDG-AS-F Series

SDG-AS-F Series

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