Oasis Mall
  • Country :
  • City/Region :
  • Brand :
    Stanley, Union
  • Year of completion :
    Feb 2018

Oasis Malls strive to deliver a memorable shopping experience to every customer, through well-planned food courts, trendy cafés, ample parking and a host of other facilities. Having successfully launched 7 malls across Bahrain, KSA, Oman and UAE, Oasis Malls is expanding its footprint with 6 upcoming malls across the region.

This project, commissioned the services of M H Al Mahroos B.S.C. in providing quality "UNION" Secure the required safety with high quality and guaranteed. In addition, M H Al Mahroos B.S.C. supplied Oasis Mall with high quality "STANLEY" products help customers build what is critical in today’s world—a sense of safety and security.

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