The largest range of machinery and technologies for washing and cleaning. Renzacci S.p.A. has for ever distinguished itself by the vast quantity of resources invested in research and continuous development of new machineries and technologies at the disposal of the industrial washing and dry cleaning industry worldwide.

The concrete and tangible result is translated into the most extensive and rich range of machineries ever offered to the washing and dry cleaning professionals by a company operating in this sector, with more than 390 different models and versions, all projected and built by Renzacci S.p.A. from the very moment of research and development, planning, manufacture and after-sales service.


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Product Range

Washer Extractors

Washer Extractor small

Tumble Dryers

Tumbler Dryer

Dry Cleaning Machines

drycleaning small

Sanitizing & Hygienizing Cabinet




Automatic Flate Iron

automatic flate iron

Flat Iron

Flat iron

Roller Iron

Roller Iron


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