An excellent product along with extraordinary quality are not enough for us. We strive to increase your value because we want you to realize your full potential and go beyond.Every EFFER crane is entirely produced within our factories: from design to production, from steel processing (laser cutting, welding, etc.) to painting, from assembling to final tests, to guarantee the best quality and reliability.


Effer achieved something almost impossible: combine the lightness of its cranes with the unique power of their performances. Blending the two factors you can have huge advantages:

1. Greater structural lightness without reducing strength = greater power available to handle the load;

2. Greater structural lightness = greater payload capacity on the truck;

3. Greater structural lightness = mounting of the crane even on smaller tucks.

Effer’s 50 year experience* in the construction of cranes from 2 to 300 txm is applied to the entire range.


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