Karcher Home & Garden

Kärcher Home & Garden equipment for universal use in and around the house. The wide product range of efficient cleaning equipment for private use – from high-pressure washers to watering ranges.The Home & Garden cleaning equipment range covers primarily smaller products than in the Professional sector. Especially the garden product range includes particularly watering systems which are highly efficient and environmentally friendly.


Kärcher offers the right solution for every dirt problem. The best-known product is the Kärcher high-pressure washer. But the company offers much more other cleaning equipment in the Home & Garden sector like the steam cleaner or the window vacuum.


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Product Range

Indoor Cleaning Products

 Vacuum Cleaners

WD4 Vaccum Cleaner

Codeless Electric Brooms


Floor Polishers

Floor polisher

Steam Cleaners

Steam Cleaner

Steam Vaccum Cleaners

Steam vaccum Cleaner

Steam Ironing Station

Steam Ironing Station

Window Cleaner

Window cleaner


Outdoor Cleaning Products

Pressure Washers

Preassure Washer



Watering Systems

Watering System

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